Meet the Somewear Global Hotspot


Somewear has built the world's smallest satellite hotspot. It was designed for those who love the escape. From deep in the mountains to far offshore, Somewear gives you the connectivity you need to explore with confidence.


Whether meeting up with friends in the backcountry, getting conditions from the local ranger or calling in some backup, Somewear can make it happen.


Share the adventure

Somewear's mobile app makes sharing information during an adventure easy. Find out about local conditions or just check in with someone back home. We're still trying to prove that the app added at least five years to our mothers' lives.

Worldwide coverage

Somewear uses satellite technology to bring you connectivity even in the most remote locations. Leveraging the Iridium satellite network, Somewear offers worldwide coverage to keep your adventures limitless.

want to bring Somewear on your next adventure?