When operations take you outside of cellular coverage, Somewear provides the tools to ensure continuous communication, situational awareness and a line to safety.  

Who we serve

Search and Rescue

Somewear supports businesses and teams with stakeholders operating in remote locations. From federal agencies to oilfield services companies to local Search and Rescue (SAR) teams, Somewear provides scalable solutions to keep workers safe and connected.

commercial solutions

100% Global Coverage

Somewear’s compact satellite hotspot and mobile apps ensure field personnel have up to the minute information, situational awareness and communications anywhere.

Central Command

The centralized web dashboard allows project supervisors to collect, view and analyze personnel and asset data in real-time to make informed decisions that improve efficiency.

Accessible Safety

Field personnel will always have a line to safety with the built in SOS function. Provides emergency response teams live updates to facilitate an efficient triage.

API Integration

Somewear offers unique access to satellite services through a modern API interface. If you’re a developer looking for satellite support for your product, click below to learn more.

Pricing depends on your specific commercial needs. Contact us to learn more about how Somewear can support you.